Sunday, July 11, 2010

Craft Room Update

I managed to get some much needed painting time in last week and this afternoon.  I finished all the walls and only had to go to Home Depot once today.  I was about 90% done and ran out of paint.  I scraped every last drop out of the can and it just wouldn't make it, so I had to take my paint covered self up to the store and grab another quart.  Don't you hate when that happens?  I still have some work to do.  I need some big obnoxious piece of artwork on the wall above my desk.  Maybe a collection of old vintage signs?  I'm on the hunt.  I need a desk lamp and a cool old fan since we took the ceiling fan out.  I have a couple of more pillows to do for the couch and a sewing machine cover.  If I ever get that sewing mannequin from the Craigslist lady, then she'll be recovered in leopard print and out somewhere as well.  But, for having Aquapalooza on Lake Travis this weekend and a houseguest, I think I was still pretty productive.  So, here is the updated pictures:
Pretty dull and tan.  The desk and bookshelf were Craiglist finds.  I painted the bookshelf white and took that front door off.  I had done the same thing to the desk and added the glass knobs that I found at Hobby Lobby.

Bruiser and Ruby love hanging out with me in here now, but even they look uninspired with that wall color!
Here is the chandelier I got at an estate sale, I still can't believe her grandchildren didn't want it.  Oh, what a little oil rubbed bronze spray paint can do.

I still need to find a chair as well.  It will be recovered in either the red polka dot that is folded up on the desk or the same material as the couch pillows.
I still need to go through my wedding pictures and put one in this shadow box frame I got from my friend, Paige, as well as put my garter in it.

Overall, I love it.  I love turquoise and pink more than anything, so this is a good balance of girly, but not pastely and over the top.


  1. Hi there...just clicked on your blog via after leaving a comment on little green notebook. your chandelier looks beautiful. Can you share what spray paint you used? thanks! :) Tessa

  2. Wow! Love the desk you got off of Craig's List! You made it so purdy! The chandelier looks awesome too! Just got one of those today to redo!

    I had a craft room and then gave it up when my son was born. Then, I built an addition onto our house to have another, and lost that when I had my third child (I'm done having kids now ;) So, now, all I have left is an overstuffed, shut the door quickly before stuff falls out, craft closet and even more crafts than I did back when I had those awesome craft rooms! LOL!


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