Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Rant And A Rave

Some of you may have been reading my blogs since my wedding planning back at The Tightwad Ties the Knot.  I never posted pictures of the final big day.  I planned that wedding for 14 months (plus all the years I planned it in my head before we were finally engaged).  I had more DIY projects than I thought could ever be pulled off and a great family and friends behind me to make it happen.  I couldn't wait to submit the pictures to Style Me Pretty for publication.  I put my submission together, brewed over it, made changes...and changes...and changes, and finally hit "submit."  To my dismay, I got an email a couple of weeks later stating that they did not choose my wedding to highlight on their site.  It was like a shot to the gut.  I had used SMP for inspiration, ideas, and resources for so long and was sure that I was a shoe in.  I have to admit, I don't even look at their website anymore.  It is on my blog roll, but I haven't clicked on it since receiving that heart wrenching email.  I did click on one the other day and thought to myself...I loved my wedding, I loved the look and feel, and am dang proud of it.  Who cares if it wasn't up to their standards.  In my opinion, it was better than that.  And you know what?  I have my own blog for a reason.  What better way to finally showcase these pictures than Everyday Ellis?  Duh. So here we go...
Ah, my favorite part of my outfit...the shoes.  I kept these puppies on all night (thanks to a little padded part on the bottom).  My garter was gifted to me from my godmother and goddaughter.  It is made from parts of five generations of wedding dresses on my mother's side.  
 I LOVE that my mom wore hot pink.  She even picked out her sassy turquoise heels.  I think I'm wearing off on her :)
 Cutest flower girl EVER.  She still calls every bride she sees a "Rachel."  She tells me all the time that we should have the wedding all over again.
I had the honor of my grandpa walking me down the aisle.  He has five daughters so he's definitely had some practice!

Me and the Girls (all dresses made by my mom except the flower girl, she did do the sash on her's though)
A few of the tables outside.  I still can't believe I found the white vintage overlay tablecloths for $3 each!  Paige of Paige One Events & Production did a great job on the arrangements and the coordinating.  She even kept lipstick in her pocket and kept giving it to me so that I'd have some lips on in all my pictures.   

My little iron tree with glow sticks for the send off.  It looked so pretty when they were all lit up.
My mom actually found a vintage blonde wedding couple (harder than you think to find).  She found them on Etsy and they couldn't have been more perfect for my cake topper.
 The candy buffet was a HUGE hit.  Word to the wise, don't keep your candy for the wedding in your house for too long before the wedding.  I tended to do "quality control" checks a little too often.  However, we had a ton still leftover.  I just took it to the office and gave some to all my co-workers.  We would have gained a hundred pounds if we had finished it off!  The monogram was done by my grandpa (are you seeing the craftiness trend in the family?) and is up in the window at our house now for us to always enjoy.  The lollipop trees were via Martha Stewart.  Super simple and and uber cute.  So were the tissue poms.  I really liked how those poms ended up looking like huge flowers in the trees outside.
Our "groom's cake" was a golf themed table with pails full of homemade cake balls.  Clay's favorite dessert is blackberry cobbler, so after much trial and error, I figured out how to get it just right to work.  My poor family helped roll and dip 250 cake balls.  I think it will be awhile before any of us make those again!  I still have requests from guests that were there to make them for office parties, house parties, etc. I guess that recipe is a keeper!

I really like that we did a big mat for everyone to sign in lieu of a guestbook.  Now we get to see it hanging in the hall and remember all of our great family and friends that were there for our big day.

Finally getting to shake it to the motown soul band!

Yeah! We did it!  Off to the resort across the street (where we ordered room service and just about fell asleep in our clothes) UPDATE ON THIS PICTURE: Just to clarify, Clay did not wear those shoes for the wedding.  He and his groomsmen waited until the day before to buy their shoes and were all in agony.  Hmm, men would never make it a day in heels!
I didn't a great shot of the dress during the wedding, but did for the bridal portraits.  I still can't believe my mom made this.  It was all I could have asked for and more.  I think a few of us are going to plan a dinner party and wear our wedding dresses.  We all loved ours so much that we want a reason to wear them again!  THANKS MOM FOR EVERYTHING!!

I can't believe it has already been almost eight months since the wedding!  Time sure does fly.  We'll be on our honey-versary trip next spring before we know it.  Belize or Bust!


  1. What a fabulous post. Aren't there other websites you could contribute to? Screw SMP. Love the little touches-glow sticks and moss balls around the gate! Just lovely. Thanks for sharing:)

  2. I think all of your stuff looks great! I don't know who did the photography, so I don't want to hurt any feelings, so please take this down if you think it will hurt anyone's feelings! But, I think they probably would have accepted your submission with some different photographs, staged slightly different. Magazines, etc. approach things from a different view. Do you know what I mean?

  3. Your wedding was absolutely sensible, fashionable and chic. The wedding, from the pics I see, has a sense of whimsy that is indicative of SWP. I think the photography did not capture enough of the people pics correctly to be accepted. Darn. Oh well. Who cares? You have style! I'm sure that will continue to grow and bloom all around you!


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