Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Another project I did while Clay was gone was to plant all new plants in the front and on the back porch.  Last year, we had bees come and make our fountain their hang out spot.  After they were here for just a week or two, all of our flowering plants went crazy thanks to all their pollinating.  So, I wanted to get lots of blooms to attract them back.  It worked.  A few days after the new plants were in, our little buzzing friends were back and hard at work making our flowers explode with color.  Ahhh,  I love spring.  These yellow plants called Sweet Broom showed up in all the nurseries just bursting with blooms.  I like the natural look as opposed to overally landscaped and generic.  The deep purple salvia all also a new favorite and a nice complement to the yellow.

Checking off number #8

From my 30 in the year of 30, off comes #8
8.  Not only select a paint color for the dining room, but actually paint it too.

We have lots of builder's beige in this house.  However, it is a very open floor plan, so all the colors and spaces  have to blend.  My mom came over to help me paint while Clay was out of town.  She was a master at taping off these stupid rounded corners!  I have an idea for a dining table centerpiece.  Once I figure out how to fashion it, I'll upload pics of the finished room.

Dining room before:

Dining room after.  It is actually a little more blue in real life and really looks nice against the white shutters, base, and molding:


Yes, that's what I feel like when it comes to blogging which is obvious since it has been a MONTH since my last post.  Geez, you'd think I would have fallen off the face of the earth or something.  2011 has been a really busy year so far.  I've actually contemplated stopping this blog.  I just feel like I haven't been making the time for posts that I need to be to keep it current.  It may not be as often as I like, but for now, the blog will continue.